Are Golden Retrievers good with kids

Are Golden Retrievers good with kids

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world, well-known for its friendliness and intelligence. Golden retrievers are favored by many dog owners and big families as their being friendly and obedient makes them suitable for families. However, in families that have kids, having a sizable pet dog somewhat imposes a risk on their kids, and it is totally understandable for dog owners to have this concern. So, as golden retrievers grow big in size, are they good with kids?

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Golden retrievers is a good breed for families with kids for its friendly personality.


Golden retrievers are energetic, and they love exercising. They not only enjoy a fetch game with you but also love taking part in any outdoor activity with you and your families. If you have hyperactive children who love running and playing around, a golden retriever can be a good companion for your children. Another good point of having a golden retriever to play with your kids is that this type of dog is well-tempered and obedient most of the time, so rest assured that your kids will have a playful and enjoyable time with a golden retriever.

Some fun facts about golden retrievers, read it here.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that as golden retrievers are energetic and prefer large areas to play, unlike small dog breed or cats that can easily live in a small apartment and all you need is a cat tree for your cat to play with, apartments are not ideal places for this large dog breed. If you are living in an apartment, be considerate when deciding whether you should have a golden retriever. The dog can grow big in size and can mess around in your apartment while playing. Additionally, if there isn’t any spacious place for your dog to play and release his energy, you would need to take him outdoor more often.


Golden retrievers can be trained well, thus can be well-behaved when they are with kids.


Golden retrievers have been known to be one of the most intelligent dogs on the Earth. These dogs are not only easy to train but also are eager to please us. They are willing to do anything for a praise and a good treat. As golden retrievers are also trained to become guide dogs or rescue dogs, it is totally possible to train him to behave well with kids.


Although golden retrievers are easily trained, the way you train them is essential. These dogs should always be trained in a gentle way; and if you are too strict or use too much disciplines, they would not respond as well. For inexperienced dog owners, feel free to contact a dog trainer to assist you when training dogs, in particular golden retrievers, for best results.


Although golden retrievers are good with kids, take caution as they grow big in size and outweigh your kids.


Golden retrievers are trustworthy and good with kids, we get it. But accidents happen from time to time when we are not in caution. Remember that retrievers are huge dogs, and they can accidentally knock out your kid while playing. Thus, do not leave your child unattended when a golden retriever is playing around. So keep an eye on them!


Don’t forget to teach your children about pet safety.


No matter how well they behave, they are still animals that require treating with respect. When you bring a dog (any kind not just golden retriever) home, it is important to talk with your kids about treating the dog with respect. What does it actually mean “treating with respect”? Here are some examples.


Golden retrievers are well mannered if properly trained, but first you need to handle them with gentle care. So do your children. You can teach them to be gentle to the dog when he first arrives home. Whenever the dog is eating, it is best to leave him alone and enjoy his food. It is also recommended to follow animal safety guidelines.


Be aware of your dog’s emotions through his cues. Golden retrievers can teach your kids about emotional awareness.


After an exercise, it is natural to be tired. Same for us. Same for our dogs. Regardless of how energetic golden retrievers can be, they can get tired and need some moments to rest after running and playing around. When your dog already gets familiarized with your family and enjoy spending his time playing with you and your children, it is time to get to know your dog better, especially his emotions. Golden retrievers are easy going dogs that show all their emotions out, whenever they are happy or tired, so it is not difficult to figure out their feelings. Your children can learn to read the dog’s facial and behavioral clues to know if the dog is ready to play or prefer to take some rest. This ability also trains your children to be empathetic for the feelings of other people too.


And there are many benefits in general…

Having a golden retriever in your household can be a fun experience for your family and your kids. Golden retrievers are even tempered dogs and are easy to train. Thus, it is not difficult to train them to behave well near your kids, especially when they are infants.


There are many benefits of having a golden retriever as a friend for your children. Firstly the dog is playful, and they do not mind running and chasing around with your kids (be honest here, as an adult sometimes it is tiring for you to run around and play with your hyperactive kids). Both of them can enjoy good time together. Secondly, a dog such as golden retriever can be a good companion for your child emotionally. It is soothing to pet a dog, and some kids even talk to them as dogs are good listeners. Last but not least, having a pet is a good way to teach your kids not only about animal respect but also about ways to treat others with care and compassion.


In short, if you are concerning about whether you should have a golden retriever if you have children, the answer is Yes. Golden retrievers are people pleasers so they are good with kids. However, always keep an eye on your children when they are playing with dogs because you never know when accidents occur, as dogs can get active and knock out your kid with his big size.

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